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Our policy is to work directly with the producers,produce good quality products, paying fair prices, support local handicraft traditions and to try to raise awareness concerning environmental issues connected to the handicraft production. We are also concerned about young people moving away from their villages in search of work. To give opportunity to create working possibilities and for young people to actually learn trade, is very important for us. A huge part of the population in Bali, Lombok & other Eastern part of Indonesia are involved and dependent in this handicraft production as their main source of income.

We prefer to work directly from or with smaller groups of producers, at the location, where the products are being produced.

Training and trying to find out about old methods and techniques in the production to keep the old tradition alive, as well as to be able to develop flexibility in the workshops, amongst our producers and their craftspeople concerning what they will be able to make.This will increase their possibilities to stay in this competitive business. Most of our producers are capable of making different styles and different kind of products, which gives them a good chance to have a continues flow of production and orders.

We have manage to build up a wide selection of producers over the years, covering many different kinds of Indonesian handicrafts from several Indonesian islands, such as : Bali, Java. Lombok, Sulawesi, Borneo (Kalimantan) and Eastern part of archipelago. But these days, due to the increasing price of transportations, communications,etc, we focus to produce & work more with our producers in Bali area.

We supply products such as textiles, batik, natural fiber products, woodcarving, musical instruments, Jewelry, Bali ceramics, bags, accessories, clothing & much more, all depending on what our clients are interested in, which many of our clients are designing their own products using the skills and the traditional materials at hand.

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