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How to Order

Our products collections divided up into Main albums and from those, into smaller sub album respectively. As you are about to find out, we are having many products to offer.

When you look through the albums, find a product that you are interested in, we would like you to write down the the name of the product that comes with that picture and make a list of these names with reference to which album. If you find several products on one picture, please mention which product(s) that you are interested in.

When you scroll through the albums and you see something you like, REMEMBER, we can change the size of a product to suit your market, we can use a fabric you might like in another products, etc, etc. We are flexible and open to new ideas and so are most of our producers.

If you like to create a small collection out of one product you like, that can be done as well. Please communicate & feel free to ask questions! Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to have a ready made price list! Some of the reason for this is : changes of raw material cost since last time of production. The product you are interested in was originally created some time back and therefore we might have to remake a sample to be able to calculate an up to date price. Or sit down with the producer groups and discuss what this specific product will cost to make now.

If you need pictures and stories from our producer groups involve, we can supply you with these kind of materials,etc. If you are specifically interested in a certain style of products, we can send more pictures to you, show more products in this line. All you have to do is to let us know!

Enjoy the viewing, and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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